Canyon State Investments, LLC

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

When dealing with a motivated seller, how do you go about a quick closing?

Many deals become ours because we have access to a large cash base, which enables us to pay cash and close within 2 days.

How do you establish the price you pay for each house?

There is no specific formula we use. Our purchase price is dependent on a few criteria: the condition of the home and how much work it will need to be repaired, what part of town it is located in, and how much debt, if any, is owed on the house.

Do you do credit checks?

Yes, we do. However, credit is not the highest priority in our qualification process. The main qualifications are: the amount of down payment and the ability to make monthly payment. In many cases Canyon State Investments will adjust payments to conform to the buyer's income.

Will I be paying a higher price because you're (Canyon State Investments) financing the home?

Absolutely not. Our homes are sold below appraised values in order to assist the buyer in refinancing the home within 24 months. We simply are better buyers. Canyon State Investments specializes in creative financing (land contracts). If there is a way - Canyon State Investments will create it.